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Meet Our 

Leadership Team
Board Members:
Ronda Porter-Altema  - President
Jean D. Grandoit - Vice President (Haiti Operations)
MackLey E. Altema - Program Developer
Lusette A. Walker - Fundraiser /Coordinator

Marcus Walker - Construction Consultant

Urgent Request... Hurricane Matthew Update

With the destruction of Hurricane Matthew the NorthWest area where we work has many roads, homes and people's personal belongings washed away.  We are asking for donations to help rebuild this area. Right now we are campaigning to raise money for building materials for homes washed away and materials to rebuild the roads such as a tractor to rebuild the roads.  If you would like to help in any other ways please contact us! We plan to have a team in country within a few weeks to begin rebuilding and assisting.

We are still slowly getting word on everything that has been destroyed so know that assistance will be needed for a few months.  


Who We Are


Soude, a creole word meaning to link together, is a 501(c)3 organization striving to 'link' communities and teach self-sustainability in Haiti. 

SoudeHaiti is an organization founded in 2014. We are dedicated to creating a self-sustaining and stronger economic development for a better future for Haiti. Our goal is to work with communities to teach them to become self-sustainable. In Haiti our programs are community focused which links leadership to all including students, parents, and community leaders. Check out our currently programs here!