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Meet Our 

Leadership Team
Board Members:
Ronda Porter-Altema  - President
Jean D. Grandoit - Vice President (Haiti Operations)
MackLey E. Altema - Program Developer
Lusette A. Walker - Fundraiser /Coordinator

Marcus Walker - Construction Consultant

Who We Are


Soude, a creole word meaning to link together, is a 501(c)3 organization striving to 'link' communities and teach self-sustainabilty in Haiti. 

SoudeHaiti is an organization founded in 2014 dedicated to creating a self-sustaining and economic development for a better future for Haiti. Our goal is to work with communities to teach them to become self-sustainable. We currently work in Haiti but working on future programs with Haitians in the USA which will include youth leadership training, medical/volunteer trips to Haiti, and introduction to Haitian language and culture. In Haiti our programs are community focused which links leadership to all including students, parents, and community leaders. Check out our currently programs here!