My husband and I arrived to his home on our June trip to find a small but wonderfully taken care of nursery of several small fruit trees getting ready to plant in the community.  We were so happy to see what he had done with this small job that we have asked him to continue this work that will start our first major project teaching the community how to use these plants to help feed their families and sell extra for small businesses. 

As a result of us giving this man a job his wife and himself gave me a goat as a token of appreciation for the job.  This is why I am so honored to have this goat!  Although it is just the beginning, I am so happy that SoudeHaiti is already having a positive impact on this community!

Now I said I DID have a goat.  Since I am not in Haiti full time I could not keep and raise this goat.  So I decided to have it used to provide food for our workers who helped build the first phase of the community center (see below for more information on the community center).  So I was able to spread a bit more help to the community by providing food for a few days to some more community members!

Now, if you are wondering how you can help continue building this community in Fon Pou, Haiti, think about a monetary donation. If you are an adventurer and want to see for yourself what we are doing contact us!  We are in the works of setting up our first volunteer trip for next March 2016. 

Want to know more about this particular project, look for the next blog as this will be the topic of discussion! Thank you for your support and please help us spread the word!

I Own A Goat!!!???

Written by Ronda Porter-Altema

I own a goat! The middle class suburban/sometimes urban girl owns a goat (or at least I did – keep reading to find out what happened).  Now I know everyone that knows me is laughing a bit at this.  But I have to say it is a huge honor and an amazing story as to how I acquired my first goat. 

A few months ago a man from the community that we are working with in Haiti approached my husband and I for a job.  He explained that he had a degree in agronomy but no one will give him a job here. On top of that he did not want to move back to the big city just to look for a job. So we took our chances and decided to invest a bit of money in him to do some work for SoudeHaiti.  We gave him money to buy supplies and start growing fruit and vegetable plants that would benefit the community.

Part of the local building team

Day one of fencing project

Fencing almost at the finishing stage

Board Members with a few of the local workers

Community Center Construction is Underway               in Fon Pou, Northwest Haiti!!!!!

SoudeHaiti with the help of the community of Fon Pou finally broke ground last month!  On Wednesday, June 10th a team of local workers started working on the first phase of the community center, the fencing.  We were able to provide temporary work for ten local workers who were able to clear the grounds and lay the fencing in 6 days.

Several members of the community came out to watch the transformation of the grounds.  Many expressed their gratitude for the construction as the community of Fon Pou has been meeting about this very topic for 8 years now trying to find solutions to build a center to share.  

The community center will be the epicenter of educational classes for self sustainability and economic growth in the area.  Currently SoudeHaiti has one working project providing fruit trees free of charge for both family consumption and business purposes.  When the trees are ready to bare fruit each community member will have an opportunity to be given one free provided they take the proper classes to grow and maintain the plants.  More to come on this project later.  

On ground breaking day SoudeHaiti had 3 board members and 1 advisory board member present from the United States.  The next steps are to finalize the building plans for the community center and start work on the building and classrooms. 

As we build the next step we will begin recruiting for our first volunteer trip to come down in March 2016 to help with construction.  Our board is currently working on the costs and plans for this trip.  Please contact us if interested in being a part of our first volunteer trip. 

We will continuously be raising money for the upcoming construction.  So head over to the “donate” page and make your donation.  Thank you for your support and please help us spread the word!