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Donate Now
We are always in need of donations for our programs. No donation is too little.  Please consider a monetary donation to our organization by clicking the "Donate Now" button on the right side of the screen.  


The money will be put toward strengthening our programs and helping strengthen the self-sustainability and leadership of Haiti.  Check out what programs are currently running HERE!


Our first large project involves building a community center.  

  • One cinderblock to build cost $1.50 US
  • One bag of cement will cost $8 US
  • One table and chairs will cost $50 US
  • School supplies for one person will cost $5 US


Do you have extra seeds you would like to donate?

 We are currently accepting donations of fruit, vegetable, and/or tree seeds for our agricultural program.  If you have questions on which seeds to send please contact us.  We are looking for seeds that would grow well in hot, desert-like climates such as squash varieties, beans, moringa, citrus fruits, corn, banana varieties, etc. 

If you have seeds you would like to donate please label what type of seeds they are and send them to:



14420 Boudin Court

Manor, TX 78653