National Coffee Day is September 29th!  So to celebrate we are starting a campaign to raise money to see if you can forgoing one day, one week or one month without your $5 daily coffee or tea!  That’s all it takes. A five dollar contribution out of your “Latte Factor” will help us train Haitians with new skills to begin supporting themselves!  Think about what you could contribute to without a cup of coffee for one day?

So we are setting up a challenge for you!  We ask each of you that sees this post to donate $10.00 (about the cost of two Starbucks Latte's) and to challenge each of your friends to do the same in the continued effort to fund training for Haitians to begin supporting themselves!  Think you could do without a cup of coffee for one day?

Feel free to continue the challenge throughout the year by adding $5 a day to your challenge and send it onto us. 

There are four ways to participate.  First you can head over to our DONATE page and donate directly through paypal. 

​The second way is to head over to our crowdfunding site and donate HERE! From here you can see what we have been able to raise!

The third way is to send a check or cash to:

4000 W 75th Street

Prairie Village, KS 66208. 

*All checks made payable to SoudeHaiti.   

The Fourth way to participate is to share this link with friends and family through email, twitter, Facebook, or any other form of social media of your liking! Just click the icons to the right! Ask them to join the challenge too!

Are You Up For Our Latte Factor Challenge?