Yeah! You want to help support our next trip in May! Here’s the plan…

We are hosting a medical clinic in May 2017, next month!  Although we already have enough volunteers for this trip we are in need some supplies. We plan to give a packet of seeds to each patient for them to plant and grow for themselves continuing on with our mission and vision of self-sustainability. We also will be in need of medical supplies.  Any monetary donations we receive for medical supplies we will buy directly in Haiti.  The seeds, though, we have to bring with us as seeds are hard to find affordable in Haiti.  So here are a few ways you can help out!

Option one... donate directly to  If you want your donation to go specifically to medical supplies or seeds for the malnourished patients then please send us a note to after with your name and where you want your money to go directly to and we will direct it to that fund.

Option two… buy any supplies listed to the side and send them directly to the address below for us to bring down with us in suitcases!  If you have an amazon account you could easily order from there and ship it directly to us.  (And in the process if you wanted to help indirectly with funds sign up with their amazon smile program and a percentage of your purchase will go to us!  You can look into this at

***All donations need to be post-marked by May 5th to guarantee delivery in time of our trip!
14420 Boudin Ct.
Manor, TX 78653

Here are the list of supplies of what we are in need of:

Packets of seeds:
Squash                Onion
Corn                    Beans

Cabbage              Eggplant
Cucumber            Okra
Watermelon         Melon
Citrus Fruits
(Any other seeds that will grow will in hot, tropical weather)

Chewable multi-vitamins for both adults and children
Vitamin A and B

Iron Vitamins for both adults and Children
Eye drops            

Bandages – not Band-Aids but larger bandages or wraps
Alcohol Swaps