Future Projects in the Works:

  • We are currently in the primary stages of working with another organization to teach community members how to make soap to sell as a business.  
  • We are in the early stages of working with a local medical clinic where we will help provide medical supplies and bring down experienced medical teams to work in the clinic. 
  • We are also working with an individual who is a fashion designer that will teach sewing to the community!  We are looking for monetary donations to start this project for sewing machines.

More to come soon on these projects!



Agricultural Program:

Currently we are working with a local agronomist (pictured to the right) who has been growing fruit and vegetables that will be given to the community members for free.  The purpose of this project is to help families begin to grow their own food for consumption and business.  For them to receive free plants through our program they will have to take classes at the community center on basic care of the plants and a business class to sell their own produce.

Along with helping out the community, this project will begin to work on helping the issue of deforestation in the area.  This too, will be part of the education to the community for the importance of working to plant trees and plants for the area!

We are starting to collect seeds that can be used in Haiti's environment to begin growing larger varieties of fruits, vegetables, and trees in the area.  If you would like to send us a packet of seeds please click here!